Zynga To Build Social Network For Gamers

Zynga executives announced on Tuesday that they plan to build a new social network that is directed towards gamers. According to Reuters, the creators of “Farmville” will thus end their long time collaboration with Facebook.

Whether it is the fact that Facebook share prices have dropped or the fact that Zynga is trying to obtain their autonomy, one thing is for sure, the executive directors of the company announced that they will set up a new social network which enables gamers to keep in touch with each other. Manuel Bronstein, a senior Zynga executive released the statement during a press conference at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. According to his declarations, the Zynga social network gives people the possibility to create their own player profiles, an activity stream and a chat feature. The social platform will be accessible for all players, irrespective of their location or the device they are using.

The social platform will be endowed with many other applications that will facilitate developers’ work. Thus they will be able to post online and mobile games with the help of its own software. This move gives Zynga the possibility to expand its array of games beyond the well-known “Farmville” and “Zynga Poker”.

Despite the announcement Zynga’s financial situation was not doing better at the end of the day. Share prices were 5 percent lower on Tuesday because investors doubt that the new social network will increase Zynga’s revenue. In addition, analysts fear that the new game titles proposed by the company will do little to draw players’ attention.

The company plans to produce the “Farmville 2”, the sequel to its most popular game. In addition, the mobile game “Words With Friends” will be enriched with a new application called “Matching With Friends”. According to Paul Verna, a gaming analyst at eMarketer, people are no longer interested in playing social games. In addition, the games suggested by Zynga are not exciting enough to prevent social gaming from waning and to attract investors.

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