Zombies In Pittsburgh For Labor Day

While some spend their Labor Day weekend relaxing, a bunch of thrill enthusiastics have another take on celebrating the end of summer. Over the Labor Day weekend, zombies were in Pittsburgh.

Americans love crazy fun and have a thing for zombies. Couple that with an obstacle course, mud and electrical shocks and you’ve got yourself one creative Labor Day weekend. People in Pittsburgh ran for their lives as zombies invaded their city. writes that over the Labor Day weekend, “people from all over Pennsylvania and Maryland headed to Pittsburgh to deal with a zombie invasion”. Thousands of people showed up for the Run for Your Lives zombie marathon. They were given a belt with three life tags and then they were given the OK to take on the 5K obstacle course.

So, over the Labor Day weekend, the Butler County Fairgrounds near Pittsburgh was quite the scene. The Zombie 5k obstacle course includes very “entertaining” highlights, such as running up the hills, going through tons of mud, then almost getting lost in mazes and let’s not forget about the electrical shocks or the creepy woods.

If you’re thinking this was just a messy way of going for your morning run, think twice. Zombies were all over the obstacle course and runners had to go over the obstacles while avoiding funny dressed people covered in blood and attempting to catch you. You try keeping your cool and concentration while a funny dressed Zombie clown reaches for your delicious brain.

All runners will tell you it’s a very fun way of running for your life. And it wasn’t all about entertainment. Runners in the Pittsburgh Zombie 5K Labor Day Weekend could donate their muddy shoes to a non-profit organization, Sole 4 Souls.

Every runner in Pittsburgh who managed to cross the finishing line with at least one life on his or her belt received a medal and a T-shirt. The perks also included partying, food for the soul, brain and body and concerts from live bands. Those who ran the fastest for their lives even received prizes.

People in cities all across North America turn in zombies and run from the undead once in a while. It seems the Run for Your Lives 5K obstacle course is a great workout.The next Zombie 5k obstacle course will move to Toronto and Maryland next. Are you ready to run for your life?

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