Zetas Cartel Considered Responsible For Mexico Prison Break

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, Zetas cartel is believed to be responsible for the Mexico prison break that took place on Monday night. Authorities suspect that the gang needed their members back on the streets in order to replenish their ranks after getting involved in a fight with a rival group.

Police officers announced on Tuesday that they could get closer to discovering the identity of the men behind the mass tunnel escape of 132 inmates that occurred on Monday night. Based on the recent discoveries they have made, authorities think Zetas drug cartel might have helped prisoners to escape from the Mexican prison.

There are many pieces of evidence pointing to the fact that Zetas was behind the escape. According to Jorge Luis Moran, public safety secretary of the northern border state of Coahuila, inmates in the prison declared that the majority of the escaped prisoners belonged to Zetas gang. Prisoners who were not gang members were forced to go along, so no one would suspect that Zetas is guilty. Recent rumors related to a gang fight between Zetas and a rival group, have fueled police officers’ belief that the Mexican drug cartel had something to do with the escape of the 132 prisoners.

Evidence indicates that several passenger busses might have been seized to help prisoners get to their destination. Although nothing has been proved, so far, the free members of Zetas could have opened fire against police officers to prevent them from catching the inmates. The shootout led to the death of four alleged criminals, according to Moran’s declaration.

132 inmates are sought after by police officers at the Piedras Negras prison. The prisoners crossed the 21 feet (6 1/2 meters) long and 4 feet (1.2 meters) wide tunnel to get outside the prison. They were helped by outside members of the gang to pass through the chain link barrier. Federal police units and Mexican troops are now cooperating to find the escaped prisoners in the state of Coahuila.

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