Zach Galifianakis Engaged To Quinn Lundberg

Zach Galifianakis doesn’t like to talk about his personal life, but reporters at Celebuzz found out that the “Hangover” star got engaged to his fiancé Quinn Lundberg. The two have already sent wedding invitations for the ceremony which is due to take place on August 11.

We have grown accustomed to seeing Zach Galifianakis play the part of the clumsy groomsman in “Hangover”, but it looks like in real life the comedian is ready to make the big step. The actor and his fiancé, Quinn Lundberg, have announced their engagement on Monday after sending the invitations to their wedding ceremony.

The nuptials will take place on August 11 when many A-list guests are expected to take part at the ceremony. Meanwhile, the couple is making sure that everyone has been invited to the party. The design of the wedding invite was carefully chosen to reflect the comedian’s sense of humor. As a consequence, the cards feature a drawing of Galifianakis and his future wife. The actor was made to look like a troll, whereas Quinn was portrayed as a stunning blonde princess. All the necessary pieces of information, such as the time and the date of the wedding ceremony, have been written on the cards, so the invite remains formal to a certain extent.

It is not just Zach’s love live that is going through a good period, but also his career. Ever since he first starred in “Hangover”, the comedian became more and more popular as he was invited to host various TV shows. He currently hosts “Between Two Ferns” on Funny or Die where he creates amusing interviews with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Tina Fey. His fans may also remember him from previous films, such as, “It’s Kind of A Funny Story”, “Due Date”, “What Happens In Vegas” and “Out Cold”.

Meanwhile, we hope Zach Galifianakis’ wedding will inspire “Hangover” producers to create a new sequel for the movie. We can’t wait to see what the bearded trouble maker would plan for his friends if he were to get married in the movie.

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