Zach Braff says he is not gay; not too straight either

Actor Zach Braff sets the record straight, stating that the supposed confession that appeared on his website where he says he is gay is not posted by him and it is the result of a hacker attack. Zach says that the web site has been down since 2006 and the so-called confession is a hoax, TMZ reports.

The Scrubs star has been the victim of a hoax. On Wednesday, a website of the actor has uploaded a confession in which Braff admitted his true sexual orientation.
“I have been hiding a secret inside me for too long,” the confession started and continued saying that he cannot keep this secret any longer. “I am excited and proud to announce that I am an open member of the homosexual community.” The message continues with thanks to the fans and supporters and with the promise that this will not change anything in the actor’s professional or personal life.

When asked to comment regarding his latest announcement, Braff did not expect that. He told TMZ that the website must have been hacked. “That site has been down since 2006.”
And a few minutes later he posted a message on his Facebook page that would clear the matter for anyone who would read the gay announcement. He wrote that his website got hacked. “Someone issued a “coming out” statement on my behalf” Braff continues and adds that he is still straight and very much in love with his girlfriend. “But not too straight”, he adds, “I still love musicals, brunch and Doogie Howser”. A few hours ago he completed his “official statement” by posting a scene from Scrubs called “guy love”. Watch it below.

The 36-year-old Golden Globe nominee is dating fashion model Taylor Bagley form years now and previously dated singer-turned actress Mandy Moore and actress Shiri Appleby. That’s about as straight as one can get.

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