Zach Braff and Taylor Bagley Separate

A quite unexpected news involves celebrity couple Zach Braff and Taylor Bagley. Reports reveal that after no less than 5 years together, the two have separated. 

The news was reported by E!, which indicates that Zach Braff and Taylor Bagley have actually separated about 6 weeks ago. The couple have been together for years and they always seemed to be really happy. “Zach and Taylor broke up over a month ago,” a source explained, adding that the two still are friends, even though the romance has ended. 

The reports are believed to be true, as the last time when Zach and Bagley were linked actually was about one month ago. Back then, Taylor posted the last photo with her famous actor boyfriend. The pic was uploaded on Instagram. 

The couple also shared a pic on their anniversary, which took place in March. Back then, Taylor posted a photo of the two at home, celebrating the fact that they spent 5 years together. Apparently, the relationship could not last for longer than that. 

Most recently, the couple was spotted at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, in Park City, Utah. In fact, this is the last time when the two were seen together as a couple, if the breaking up news turn out being true, after all. At this event, Zach and Taylor seemed to be quite happy, so there is no word on what caused the separation. 

Zach Braff’s latest project is the movie Wish I Was Here, in which Bagley made an appearance, too. The couple was spotted attending the premiere of the movie. The actor also stars in Bullets Over Broadway, which actually is expected to be a very interesting production. This is a Broadway Show in the actor performs and which is produced by Woody Allen. 

Well, if the news on the separation of Zach Braff and Taylor Bagley turns out being true, this will be the end of a long time relationship for this beautiful celebrity couple. The reason of the separation is yet to be revealed. Zach is well known for previously dating famous actress Mandy Moore, but the two separated in 2006. 

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