YouTube Reminds Advertisers They Need Their Channel To Attract A Younger Crowd

During a special event in New York City, YouTube reminded advertisers that their channel is vital for companies who want to attract younger segments of public. Judging by the results of the studies they have made, YouTube has noticed that they have had a good impact on viewers aged 18-34, who represent a base of loyal fans, CNET News reports.

Google suggested advertisers to resort to their video streaming website during a special event they held in New York, on Wednesday. According to Robert Kyncl, global head of content for YouTube, the website is the most popular among younger crowds of viewers and it is, therefore, the perfect online platform for companies trying to send messages to these groups. Kyncl further revealed that the group that accesses YouTube more often belongs to the 18-34 age demographic and it is the most loyal fan base of the website.

Analysts were hoping Google would reveal new partnerships or projects during the event, but the company had no similar intentions. They continued to praise YouTube and recommend it for companies looking for a new way to get closer to their younger clients. In their opinion, online viewing will become much more popular in the future as many more Internet users will give up traditional channels in favor of the new ones. Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google, informed attendees that “video is becoming the global shared experience”. YouTube is visited each month by more than one billion unique visitors, who are watching around 6 billion hours of video on Google’s video steaming website.

Google’s presentation on Wednesday was part of the Digital NewFronts, an event where media companies introduce their latest TV shows to advertisers. The media companies are competing against each other in order to obtain more advertising space as content gradually heads towards the Internet. YouTube was not the only one holding a presentation this week; AOL and CBS Interactive also held events during Digital NewsFront on Wednesday. Streaming popular TV series is the method that these channels are using in order to attract more viewers.


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