YouTube Releases New iOS 6 iPhone App

With only one day to go before the launching of the new iPhone (and new iOS), YouTube is ready with an app tailored for the gadget. Google’s YouTube released a new iOS 6 iPhone app before Apple got the chance to actually launch its very own product.

Some could argue that’s just Google’s way of showing love to their users, but it’s obvious this is just the beginning of a new vendetta with Apple. But Google is tardy with its new iPhone and iOS app. The contract between Google and Apple which required inbuilt YouTube application has expired. Also recent rumors read that the iOS 6 doesn’t feature an inbuilt YouTube app, so the release of the new iPhone app before the iOS 6 launch is just Google’s way of laughing in Apple’s face.

Google has been rumored to be working on a dedicated YouTube app for the iOS for a month now. Apparently industry rumors were true after all. The hope was that Google will try harder to make its dedicated iOS 6 YouTube app more comfortable for users.

Francisco Varela, YouTube’s global director of platform partnerships said himself that Apple is one of their greatest partners and clients. “They have been a great partner,” Varela said. “Together, we have absolutely changed the mobile ecosystem. This is just the next evolution in this partnership. We are the only people that can build the best YouTube app” added the YouTube executive.

There’s not much of a difference between the last app YouTube and the present one. Apart from the fact it is going to be downloadable (for free) and a new feature. Until now, the contract between Steve Jobs and Google stipulated that the YouTube iPhone app is going to be ad-free. But now, because the deal is over, users will also have commercials next to their favorite videos. And this could bring a great bonus in cash for YouTube top uploaders.

Analysts say that the downloadable idea is going to be a small inconvenient and might actually bring the YouTube market just a little bit down. But Google saw it coming, because the new iPhone App from YouTube is also going to be usable on the iPad, which is obviously a great plus for everyone.

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