YouTube Going through a New Makeover

New changes could be spotted on YouTube today, as the famous website seems to be going through a new makeover process. 

YouTube first announced its intention to make certain design changes to the site in January. It seems that the company is now focusing on making videos and playlists easier to handle. As the changes have already been made, YouTube announced the new features of the site in a blog post. 

YouTube users who access a video will immediately notice the change. On-screen objects are now centered, while users are encouraged to save playlists, which are very simple to access on the sidebar. The changes are not very big, but they confer a nicer look to the YouTube page. 

The cleaner website design that characterizes YouTube now is actually meant to emphasize user-created playlists. Moreover, what YouTube is willing to do is to boost the time that people spend on the site. 

YouTube is trying to make the site more user friendly and more similar to mobile apps. The use of YouTube on mobile devices has grown amazingly in the past few years, so there is no wonder that the company is considering making its page more similar to the apps that people spent a lot of time on. 

Managing playlists easier is still the main purpose of the makeover that YouTube has been through. The Playlists pane will now show your personal playlists, but also the ones from other channels that you have liked. 

The guide button, located next to the YouTube logo at the top left of the corner of the screen, allows users to still view the sidebar menu, playlists and subscriptions. It becomes much easier to discover playlists and check out channel pages. 

The changes were first revealed on Wednesday and over the next few days all users are going to see them. Some new changes were expected after Susan Wojcicki became the chief of YouTube and it seems that they were just released.  

The mini-makeover that YouTube received now seems to have been quite appreciated. Naturally, as their YouTube page updates, users will get a message once opening the page that will offer them the possibility to be guided through all the changes that have been made.

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