YouTube Gaming has been launched

Google has decided to make YouTube a major attraction for gamers. The search giant has released these days a new YouTube Gaming app and website. This website will focus on video games and their devout communities of players. However, the most interesting thing is that YouTube Gaming will be a direct rival to Amazon’s Twitch, known as being the most popular video game live-streaming site. To be mentioned that Google also tried to buy Twitch last year. 

“YouTube is the best video game site out there,” the service’s head of gaming content, Ryan Watt, said. “But we never built gamers the experience they deserve,” he added. However, Google also has a good reason to release YouTube Gaming. 

It is well-known the fact that many companies have made impressive investments in gaming, as well as in “e-sports”, which can commonly be associated to the world of competitive gaming. “If you’re running around in a horror game and all of sudden there’s a gleaming Coke machine, it throws off the narrative,” said Joost van Dreunen, CEO of game analytics firm SuperData Research. “But advertisers know their way around sponsoring sports. People who watch sports are comfortable with watching advertisements,” he concluded.

However, Google’s competitors have also made some big investments in gaming, considering the fact that Amazon has bought Twitch last September, for the price of approximately 1 billion dollars. This acquisition has been made after YouTube fell through. 

To be mentioned also that Facebook spent almost 2 billion dollars on Oculus, known as a virtual reality goggle maker. The company also presented these days a consumer version of the headset, among some new and interesting games and new controllers for the device. Oculus declared that they settled a deal with Microsoft to bring its catalog of games for the Xbox One console to Oculus.

YouTube is the best weapon for Google to enter on the games market. This website is by far the most dominant video site in the world, having more than 1 billion unique visitors a month. The giant search company also declared that YouTube homes more game-related videos than any other platform. 

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