YouTube Exceeds 1 Billion Monthly Users

YouTube has just become the biggest video sharing website after announcing on early Thursday that they have exceeded the 1-billion threshold of monthly users. Internet phenomena like the recent Harlem Shake have contributed to the outstanding increase in YouTube users, according to a recent report published on Los Angeles Times.

YouTube was recently declared one of the most reliable sources of news on the Internet. The situation of the video-sharing website got better in time as a recent report claims YouTube has now more than 1 billion users every month. Analysts explained that 1 in 7 people on the planet visit the website to watch viral videos like the ones related to the Harlem Shake phenomenon.

Google’s video streaming service is now preparing a presentation for their fans; the event is set to take place on May 1st in New York City. During the preview, the company announced that they are now visited by 1 billion monthly users. It took them a while to reach the milestone considering that there were 800 million monthly viewers in October 2011. Yet, the company is glad their website has become increasingly more popular.

Even though the number of viewers is growing at a slower rate, the video consumption report is getting bigger and bigger each month, according to Robert Kyncl, the global head of content partnerships for Google Inc. and YouTube. There are more than 4 million hours of video streamed each month, which means the video consumption has registered a 50% growth in the past 12 months.

Viral videos are not the only reason behind viewers’ growth, in Kyncl’s opinion. The popularity of smartphones and tablets, devices that are usually used to stream videos, has also contributed to the increase in the monthly users’ rate. In fact, 25% YouTube views come from mobile devices, a percentage that is a lot bigger than it used to be in the past. In response, YouTube made efforts to make its content available for Apple and Android devices, as well.

Kyncl further stated that the video sharing website allows content providers to ask their viewers to pay for subscriptions. However, the service is not expected to start paying off any time soon as users are not inclined to take out the credit card and pay to watch videos.

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