You Tube Nominates 10 Short Films For Venice Fest

According to a recent report published by the Associated Press, You Tube has decided to nominate 10 short films for Venice Fest on Wednesday. The brief footage will be displayed during the prestigious event and the best productions will be awarded.

You Tube has gained a lot of credibility lately, since many professional channels have been created. The popular video sharing website has decided to get involved in the film industry by nominating 10 short films for the upcoming Venice Festival.

You Tube organized the “Your Film Festival” selection a while ago and gathered around 15,000 submissions until Wednesday, the last day of the contest. Director Ridley Scott was also involved in the selection process because Google’s video sharing website needed someone who is experienced enough to distinguish the best films. He managed to limit the number of submissions to only 10 short videos announcing the name of the finalists on the same day.

Various You Tube users sent videos from all over the world. The last 10 finalists come from different countries, such as, U.S., Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Spain, the U.K., Lebanon and Egypt. The footage will be screened on September 2 at the Venice Film Festival. The jury, including director Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender, will be the one in charge of selecting the best You Tube video.

The talented winner will receive an award of $500,000 which might be necessary when starting a movie career. There is, however, a condition: the winner will have to cooperate with Scott, Fassbender and other world class crew in order to produce more artistic content for You Tube. All productions are at least 10 minutes long. Most subjects that have been chosen have a dramatic content, but there are also several sci-fi and crime productions. 

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