You Tube Comedy Week: What Should We Expect?

You Tube plans to entertain its users with many more funny videos by celebrating the Comedy Week between May 19 and 25. Many performances from well-known British and American standup comedians will be featured on the video sharing website this week, so here is what you should expect, according to the Guardian.

You Tube has decided to celebrate comedy by opening a special channel featuring funny performances during 19 – 25 of May. The event was announced by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who declared himself a fan of comedy, even though his muscly looks would never let us suspect it. The “Terminator” star told You Tube viewers they should expect to see many videos from comedy actors like Vince Vaughn, Andy Samberg, Sarah Silverman and many others. The Comedy Week clip is full of many references to social networking trends, such as, planking or Harlem Shake. Hints to “Terminator” lines are not absent from the clip, either, as Arnold mocks his own character.

You Tube will post spoofs and funny rap battles videos the entire week, but viewers will be able to watch performance of great Hollywood actors. Owen Wilson has confirmed his participation at the Comedy Week, while Ricky Gervais has already posted the first guitar lesson of one of his alter egos, David Brent, which will be followed by other similar videos. David Mitchell and Jamie Oliver – the famous British cook – will also take part in You Tube’s celebration of the Comedy Week.

Personally, I find Ricky Gervais’ You Tube performance very weak compared to his previous standup comedy shows. The other videos posted haven’t managed to bring a smile on my face, either, but I’m assuming comedians are just getting started. The channel is definitely worth keeping an eye on, even for staying in touch with the latest comedy news.

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