You Might Find Your Old Text Messages in the Razr Book

Author and artist Kyle M.F. Williams has released a book that features content from 44 used Motorola Razr devices sold on eBay. So, you might just find your old text messages and photos in the “Razr” book. It’s only $9.99 and it would be a great gift to make a friend that thought those embarrassing text messages he sent his ex were long forgotten.

It’s been a while since Motorola Razr have long been forgotten. In the end it’s been almost 10 years since the first release and many bought those pre-smartphones appealed by the design. Since they are now obsolete, people are getting rid of them, and unfortunately for people thinking they’ve put the past behind, one author decided to publish a book based on old text messages and photos in used Razrs he bought through eBay.

“I’m fascinated by how the original Motorola Razr, once the coolest cellphone ever, is kind of considered a joke since smartphones have taken over as personal communication devices” the author of the “Razr” book told ABC News. The artist bought 44 used Razr phones and was surprised to discover some of them still had text messages and photos in the memory. On the overall 28 of them carried previous owners’ content which was all transformed in a book.

“I assumed they would all be broken and without batteries, but when I received them and tried one out, it turned on” Williams remembers. He was going to use those old Razr phones on a bike sculpture. But the book idea was better. “I view it as an art book. It’s presented in a very straightforward way, with no commentary or snark” the author said. “It’s just about this iconic little phone that a bunch of people used to document bits of their lives”.

So how about previous owners that might take offence? “In the credits of the book I wrote: ‘All photographs, videos and text messages found on the cellphones are by the previous owners of the cellphones’” said Williams. “This book isn’t intended to hurt anybody’s feelings or take credit for the photographs. I just chose the most interesting things that I, basically by accident, found on these phones”.

Here’s a sample: “Cant wait 2 c u 2nite. And by u I mean ur penis. Im all horn-ed up”.

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