Yeater quietly drops paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber

Two weeks after declaring in dozens of magazine articles that Justin Bieber is the father of her baby, Mariah Yeater quietly drops the lawsuit against the pop star, Us Magazine reports. TMZ, the first that reported the news, also said that the attorneys of the 20-year-old mother have withdrawn from the case, as well.

The news of Yeater dropping the paternity allegations against the pop sensation of the moment, 18-year-old Justin Bieber, came after the singer announced publicly that he is just not going to stand and be seen as a victim, but he is going to take action. He said that after his tour, when he will return to the United States, he is planning on taking the paternity test that Yeater had requested, but he will also sue her for false allegations.

In late October, the young woman filed a lawsuit in San Diego against Bieber, claiming that he was the father of her newborn. In her official statement it was written that she met Bieber after one of his concerts, in October 2010 and that they had sexual contact. She said that Bieber insisted to have sex with her and use no protection and also confessed to her that he was a virgin.

Up to one point, Bieber did not comment on the matter, probably hoping it will go away. He denied the allegations through his reps. However, when he was confronted with the scandal by Matt Lauer in The Today Show in early November, he stated: “Never met the woman”.

Since the scandal, Mariah Yeater has received numerous death threats from Bieber’s fans, the same fans that wrote they will support and love Justin even if it’ll be proven it is his baby, afterall.

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