Yaya DaCosta: Things You Don’t Know About Me

TV maven! Yaya DaCosta’s debut Hollywood part was as Mrs. Jenkins on a 2005 episode of Eve. A year later she was offered her first film job as LaRhette on the film Take the Lead.

She New York native’s career took off in 2008 when she was given the role of Cassandra Foster on All My Children. In the next year, the 38-year-old actress starred in a regular role in the show Ugly Betty and she went on to be a part of several films before turning to TV in 2015 to play April Sexton on Chicago Med. DaCosta quit the show after six seasons and she reprised the character in the shows like Chicago P.D. as well as Chicago Fire — in May.

In addition to her acting career but how much do the DaCosta fans know about her? DaCosta, the Our Kind of People actress has spoken to DailyGossip exclusively about herself, including how she was awarded senior housing when she was an undergraduate in Brown University and why her colleagues think she should become a comedian.

Learn the more you can about DaCosta:

1. When I was a kid I would make clothing for dolls. When I first began doing stage work, I’d make outfits on set during my downtime and then wear them to wrap parties.

2. I am a sucker for silence.

3. I consume food like a teenager.

4. A pet thing I hate are people who interrupt my daydreams without reason. Please do not “earth to Yaya” me while I’m thinking about the formula for world peace. It’s never too early to ever

5. My friends say I’m silly , and that I could have been a stand-up comedian.

6. I’m a comedian with a variety of laughs which include a witchy cackle.

7. After wearing only sneakers for six years , on Chicago Med my feet got bigger!

8. There is a pet that I call Osho.

9. I also have cat-like reflexes.

10. Since I was a kid I would come up with songs and some raps right on the spot. I still do!

11. No matter where you go I strive to live my life in the water.

12. I’ve been vegetarian for the majority years of my time. I’ve attempted to go vegan once or twice however, the only thing I could think of was … I love ice cream.

13. I look for products that are Black owned whenever it is possible.

14. I’ve been told that I make the most delicious smoothies in the world.

15. I believe in the sun and moon equally.

16. I am a lover of metaphysics and have studied a variety of forms of metaphysics [such as] Akashic documents, Kundalini yoga, Buddhism and Ifa.

17. I love traveling and communicating with people using their own languages whenever I can, whether it’s a simple “thank you,” or an entire discussion about the meaning of living.

18. I am a sucker for fresh flower arrangements in my house.

19. I’m a professional dancer.

20. I’m a full-spectrum birth doula.

21. In my first year of college in Brown University, four of my classmates and I were winners of the lip sync contest in order to win senior housing.

22. At the time of high school I played an appearance in Ntozake Shange’s play for Colored Girls Who Have Considered suicide/When you think the Rainbow Is Enuf. I had to make reference to “this silver ring in my nose,” which was my reason to buy the nose ring!

23. I’ve spent a lot times in Brazil as it is an extra home.

24. The school I attended was NYC’s LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts for singing, theater and dancing.

25. I’m waiting in anticipation of my phone call from Marvel (Studios) president Kevin Feige to do the Storm origin story of the African Priestess, who was raised in Harlem (in New York City]. I’m thinking … it sounds like someone I am familiar with!

DaCosta is a guest in Our Kind of People on Fox Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

Via US Magazine

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