Yahoo Sues Facebook Over 10 Patents

Yahoo announced on Monday that the company will sue Facebook because the social network has infringed 10 patent rights. This is the first legal battle taking place within the domain of social media following the examples that have been set by smartphone and tablet manufacturers. The lawsuit was filed in a San Jose, California court, on Monday, according to the Associated Press.

Analysts are already familiar with the legal disputes going on between Apple and Samsung, as well as Apple and several other technological companies. Starting on Monday, there will be another patent-saga that tech lovers will be able to watch on the Internet. However, the protagonists of the latest legal battle will be Yahoo and Facebook.

According to Yahoo’s spokespersons, the company has decided to file claim against the famous social network because the latter did not observe the advertising conditions that Yahoo has recently imposed. The Internet giant claims that the majority of the advertisements that Facebook is now using have been inspired by Yahoo’s prototypes; therefore, Zuckerberg’s firm has to pay licensing fees.

Facebook’s spokesperson, Jonathan Thaw told the press that the social network found out that Yahoo was planning to file lawsuit from the media. Thaw further stated that managers at Facebook were very disappointed to find out that Yahoo, one of their long time business partners has resorted to litigation. Yahoo, on the other hand, claims that the social network was well aware of the Internet giant’s intentions to file lawsuit and they ignored their requests. They stated in a recent email that they were unable to reach an agreement with Facebook, which is why they decided to address the matters in court.

Yahoo’s declaration came after Mark Zuckerberg announced his intentions to make an initial public offering that could raise the company’s value to $100 billion. Some analysts think the Internet company is deliberately attacking the social network to prevent it from becoming stronger. In fact, Colleen Chien, a professor at Santa Clara Law in Silicon Valley, told reporters that the legal dispute might negatively affect Facebook’s plans to go public.

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