Yahoo is trying to remain relevant in the Mobile-First World

Yahoo’s business has always been about using the most attractive and latest tech to capture user’s attention with interesting content. Yahoo was many users’ first real home page on the web. Before they accessed Yahoo for social and search, people went to the platform to enter interesting links. During the years, this company managed to survive on a market filled with interesting products.

Yahoo has put a great effort in the mobile market over the last few years, and they focused on improving products by offering new technology through acquisitions. For example, Yahoo, has released “Yahoo New Digest,” which aims to keep users informed with the top news of the day, just like the Yahoo home page. However, this company managed to come up with a beautiful and nice design for the apps, to offer a more pleasant way to present the information and the news for the user to check every day. 

Albert Song, Yahoo VP of Design, declared that one of the most important aspects of the team’s work is to create a design language that incorporates Google’s Material Design and Apple’s “flat” iOS features, but in a very unique way, for users to realize that they are in a Yahoo app. To be mentioned that the Yahoo Weather app is one of the most useful apps on the market, but it has to compete with Google and Apple’s offerings, as well as with smaller developers with premium apps.

However, Yahoo has hundreds of millions of people looking at content in these apps, which is very valuable to advertisers, but not so valuable when it is compared with platforms where advertisers can target specific audiences. This means that Yahoo is still fighting for attention with major platforms, including Facebook, where people enter to check their favorite social feeds tens of times a day. These major platforms have managed to capture a big amount of attention, due to their different kinds of content that get users to stay around longer.

To be mentioned that Yahoo purchased Tumblr, a social platform with more than 400 million users, but which unfortunately doesn’t have the social or interest graph that could allow lucrative ad targeting at the extent that Pinterest or Facebook do.

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