Yahoo Blocks Sign in with Google and Facebook

Yahoo is no longer willing to allow users to log in to different services using their Google or Facebook accounts. From now on, they will need a Yahoo account. 

So, all users who have been using Facebook or Google accounts on Yahoo will have to create a Yahoo ID to be able to continue using certain services. The news was first reported by Reuters. 

It is not that shocking that Yahoo wants users to have a Yahoo account for its services, after all.

It seems that the first service which required users to sign in without being able to use Google and Facebook accounts was Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em service. 

Soon, the decision that Yahoo recently took will be extended to other services, including Flickr and Yahoo Sports. However, it is not yet clear when the method of logging in to Yahoo services with Facebook and Google accounts will be completely unusable. 

This method was been accepted in Yahoo services for years, but it looks like this is about to change. Why Yahoo took this decision at this point remains a mystery. It is believed that maybe the company is willing to find out if users are really fond of its services, enough to create a Yahoo account. 

Other say that Yahoo is just willing to boost the number of accounts. But, some think that Yahoo wants to offer its users more usability. Having a Yahoo account will make these services better, as it will allow users to personalize them. 

The change will progressively appear in users’ attempt to access certain Yahoo services. Users will be able to use a single account and password for all Yahoo products, faster and easier, as a spokesperson for the company claimed.

Yahoo definitely thinks that its services are attractive enough to determine users to make a new account to be able to access them. However, it is about to see what users will think about this change and the fact that they will have to create a new account to access Yahoo services. 

Yahoo’s chief executive Marissa Mayer is working to give the company and its products a refresh.

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