Xiaomi Reveals Mi 4i

Xiaomi recently revealed their latest phone, called Mi 4i. This new device is meant for customers outside China, targeting the largest markets in the world. This is the first time when Xiaomi is excluding China for development in other countries. By releasing Mi 4i in India, the company wants to build momentum in the second largest market in the world. This smartphone will be available for 205 dollars, which makes it much cheaper compared with Moto X or Samsung Galaxy Alpha A7.

The price is very attractive and most likely all Xiaomi devices will sell out. The Mi 4i is set to debut this month in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well.

Beside the low price, the phone comes in a very standard rectangle design, with no bent screen or special curved edges. However, it doesn’t need such features to make an impression. Xiaomi Mi 4i is 7.8mm slim, weighs just 130 grams and it is very comfortable to hold in hand. It has a plastic case and on the edges are located the steel power and the volume buttons. 

If Xiaomi got us used with premium glass and metal materials in many of his flagship Mi phones, such as Mi 4 and Mi Note, the new phone comes with a polycarbonate chassis. It feels very smooth, luxurious and it has a soft-touch matter design. The company also declared that the new material has an anti-grease coating. If this is true, it will be really impressive, although Xiaomi did show a video about this. The Mi 4i will come in different colors, actually five versions to choose from: black, white, pink, orange and blue. However, there will be more colors options available, for owners to snap onto the phone to protect it.

Xiaomi Mi 4i will come with mid-range features, like a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor and pack 2GB of RAM. Unfortunately it has only 16GB of storage, without any possibility to expand. This means that it will be no 32GB or 64GB variants planned. On the back there is situated a 13-megapixel camera, while on the front can be found a 5-megapixel shooter.

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