Xiaomi presents Xiaomi Yi high-end action cam

Featuring an entry price, the new Xiaomi Yi Action Cam offers better video and photo quality and better other camera features than any other camera at a similar price range. It comes with a standard ¼-20-inch tripod mount, a removable battery and a Micro-HDMI port. Among other interesting devices, including wearables and smartphones that came out in 2015, the Chinese electronics brand Xiaomi has made a big surprise with this tiny Yi action cam.

Outside its country, Xiaomi is best known for its smartphones, but it seems that it has a growing lineup of related devices, too, like headphones, the MI Band fitness tracker and now, action cams. Xiaomi is one of those companies that is continuing its expansion into other categories beyond smartphones. It manages to build its reputation offering high-end products at budget-friendly prices, which is a good thing for those who don’t want to pay a huge price for a device.

For the moment, the camera is just available in China for 399 yuan, but customers could buy one for just 100 dollars from online retailers. The camera comes in a nice lime green color, but it also is available in all white, and features a nice f2.8 wide-angle lens with a 155-degree angle of views. Inside, it homes a Sony-made 16-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor, an Ambarella A7LS system of chip and a Broadcom wireless module. To be mentioned that Ambarella’s chips can be found in several Djl’s quadcopter, POV cameras, more specifically, the Ion Air Pro 3, GoPro Hero3+ Silver and Drift Innovation Ghost-S. All these great action cams use the A7LS chip and cost approximately 300 dollars or even more.

However, those cameras do offer things that the Xiaomi Yi doesn’t. But this tiny action cam has more features than others at its prices, such as Monoprice MHD 2.0 and Polaroid Cube. Even if the more expensive entry-level GoPro Hero has a really good video quality, the Xiaomi Yi beats it. The camera features three buttons. The one positioned in the front is for power and switching between video and capturing steels, a button on top is the shutter release and for starting and stopping recordings. The last button that is on the left of the camera is used for turning on and off the camera’s wireless. 

On the back of the Yi, users will find a door for the battery compartment and another covering Micro-USB port, microSDXC card slot and Micro-HDMI output. In the package are also included a battery and a short micro-USB cable for charging and transfers. Owners will have to buy their own storage. Xiaomi YI supports card up to 128GB.

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