Xbox One to Go to China in September

The Xbox One will start selling in China in September. It seems that Microsoft is certain that they want to focus their attention on this market. 

Sources claim that the famous company has already taken the decision to sell the videogame console in China at the beginning of this fall. Moreover, initially sources revealed that Microsoft will make the official announcement on this news on Tuesday, thing which has already happened. 

In an official announcement made by the famous company, Microsoft revealed the fact that their Xbox One will arrive on the Chinese market very soon. “In China, there are over half a billion gamers, so the opportunity to create globally and locally created content to delight millions and millions of of gaming families everywhere is something that we’re really passionate about,” the statement from Microsoft said. 

The fact that Microsoft plans on focusing its attention on the Chinese market is not shocking at all. China has been opening to more and more western products and the truth is that the Chinese are much interested in new technology. 

On the other hand, the Xbox One actually enjoys quite a great success. The new game console was launched by Microsoft in November. Although it failed to reach the success that its rival, PlayStation 4, registered when it comes to worldwide sales, the game console is very popular. 

So, the Xbox One has been doing quite well when it comes to sales, too. Microsoft claims that they managed to sale no less than 5 million Xbox units in the world. However, this is still less than what Sony sold, the company registering sales of 7 million Play Station 4s, all over the world. 

Other reports indicate that China is not the only country which Microsoft currently targets. It has been reported that the company is also interested in the Japanese market, on which the Xbox One will be launched this year, as well. 

However, what Microsoft plans on doing and how its popular game console will be received on these new markets is something we are only going to find out in the near future. 

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