X-Factor’s Rachel Crow, born in crack house, abused for 6 months

X-Factor contestant Rachel Crow, who is only 13 years old, was born in a crack house and was abused for 6 months before going into foster care. The shocking details of her life were recently revealed by the New York Post and confirmed by Yahoo! News.

13-year-old Rachel Crow was presented in the current X-Factor competition as having had some difficulties in her life. One of them was living in an overcrowded house, where she had to share the bathroom with five other people. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg.  After reading the latest uncovered details on her life, sharing a bathroom would probably seem piece of cake. 

Crow was adopted at the age of one year and a half by the Crow family. Before that, she spent a year with them, as a foster child. But the first six months of her life were spent in a crack house, where she was abused. Her adoptive mother told the NY Post: “She was born a crack baby and actually lived in a crack house and suffered a lot of abuse.” The story was later confirmed by an X-Factor representative.

According to her mother Barbara, a former hospital counselor, she is did not keep marks of that terrible time in her life. “She is totally unaffected by it”, she said, adding that Rachel looks at the past not as a bad thing, but as the thing that made her who she is today.  She has no desire of meeting her birth parents, though. And probably, they would be hard to reach anyway.

When asked what she would do with the 5 million dollars X-Factor has to give if she wins, she said she would invest them in a bigger house. I’m a girl, I need my own bathroom”, she answered.

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  1. My Heart go out to u u are a Outstanding young. Lady. And God bless u with the Talent to sing My Pray go out to u And I Love U Ms.Rachel Crow u have my vote

  2. Hey Rachel I am a fan of yours. You are a very beautiful and strong young lady with so much potential. My heart goes out too so much for what you had to endure in your life but im so happy to see you doing very good and hs overcome. You have inspired me in so many ways to know that no matter what goes on in my life I can get through it and keep smile on my face. You wil be very successful in your life just dont lose your spirit and always be yourself.

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