WR David Clowney Tweets HIV Results

Celebrities on Twitter have some of the most unusual ideas of postings. However, football player David Clowney is likely to hold the crown. Bills’ wide receiver shocks fans and tweets his HIV results.

When it comes to your favorite football player’s health, as a fan you’d like to know the facts as fast as possible. Some might argue that WR David Clowney’s decision to tweet his HIV results might be something that should have been kept under the key. But, in the end, Bills’ player was happy he is healthy and wanted to share that with the rest of the world and the fans who love him. I don’t see anything wrong in it, do you?

Earlier this week, David Clowney announced his some 10,000 Twitter followers: “Got my HIV Results Back! Thank God for keeping my body healthy and safe”. Obviously many accused the player of sharing too much information and not knowing what info should be private and which should be public.

Sure, I’ll hand it to them, it’s a bit unusual to talk about your HIV results online, particularly since David Clowney isn’t the most popular football player. With some 22 receptions for 341 yards and a single touchdown in his whole career, Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver is no Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow.

Bottom line is that David Clowney’s tweet about his HIV results isn’t particularly controversial or breaking news. If you remember, Magic Johnson had a press conference where he announced he had HIV. Now, that’s breaking news.

The media has been wondering since Tuesday why did the wide receiver felt necessary to publish his HIV results, but not many have talked about David Clowney’s HIV awareness campaign.  On Twitter the fans really appreciated his courage to come forward and talk about an aspect many people are simply afraid to.

Basically it seems that David Clowney’s attempt to raise awareness for HIV and promote regular testing had delivered the expected results. In the end, his tweet was meant for his Twitter fans and not necessarily the bad mouths in the media.

At the moment, the CDC is still trying to make people understand that testing for HIV should be a routine checkup. “Routine HIV testing ensures more people learn whether they are infected with HIV, allowing them to benefit from earlier access to treatment and reduce the risk of infecting their partners”.

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  1. Would ti of been tmi information to say he got tested for diabetes??????? Isn’t it about time we started treating HIV like a virus instead of a social condition???? I commend him for raising awareness of an important issue. 25 percent of those w/o HIV don’t know their status. They blissfully are going through life thinking they are not at risk and spreading it. I applaud David and think those questioning him need to get a grip on the idea publicizing the need for HIV testing =good acting like it is a social condition and not a virus = bad

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