iWould You Buy a $149 Reactor Case for iPhone 5? Gridcase Believes So

Even if most people rarely drop their iPhones, a protective case can ensure it in case of more damaging shock, not to mention everyday usage and tear. Add to that a battery case and you’ve got quite a handy accessory for iPhone. But, wait there’s more. Gridcase is preparing the release of a $149 Reactor case for iPhone 5 that comes with a battery pack and a power generator.

Battery cases for iPhone 5 have become all the rage at the moment, as accessory makers have been wooing consumers with all kinds of features. Gridcase is preparing to offer the iPhone 5 owner the Holy Grail, the solution to all of their battery problems. This battery case gives you protection and increased battery life to the extent that you’ll never run out of power when outlets are not available.

The $149 Reactor case for iPhone 5 will actually be a two-piece case that packs a built-in 400mAh Boost Battery and a 500mAh Manual Generator. It should be just 8.5mm thickness and 4.5 oz in weight.

But before getting all excited about the idea of having your very own power generator for iPhone 5, you’re going to have to wait for a little bit. Gridcase is only starting the crowdfunding campaign that allows potential investors to see exactly how the final Reactor case with in-built generator will look like.  The company’s press release says the crowdfunding campaign is needed to “provide the funds for the final industrial design and transition of the prototype into production”.

“We see a full product line of Reactor cases in our future” said General Manager of Gridcase, Mat Laibowitz. “This is a category-defining invention and one we intend to advance quickly utilizing our patent-pending technology” he added.

First 10,000 generator cases will be available at an early-bird price, selling for $99. Shipping will begin October 2013.

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