Worst NBA Team? Michael Jordan’s Bobcats

It’s not exactly what you’d like to hear about the team you’ve put your money and energy in. Unfortunately for Michael Jordan, his team, the Bobcats, has been ruled as the worst NBA team ever. You can debate with your friends as much as you’d like, the truth is that Michael Jordan’s Bobcats just had their 23rd consecutive failure.

It goes without saying that when he took on the Charlotte Bobcats, Michael Jordan did not expect such a big disappointment. He was surely hoping to break records and make history with amazing wins, but instead of that Michael Jordan’s Bobcats are ruled to be the worst in NBA history. Their winning percentage has been breaking records too, with only .106.

Thursday night’s game with the New York Knicks was the last chance for the Bobcats to do something about their two dozen failures. But seeing the game from the luxury box last night didn’t change how the players performed. Michael Jordan just witnessed the breaking of a 39 year record in NBA history. His team was the first in about four decades to finish with the worst winning percentage ever. Their percentage was .106, four points under Philadelphia 76ers’ 1972 – 1973 .110 winning percentage.

D. J. White, Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker were caught by photographers shocked and disappointment by yesterday’s game. Last night the game finished 104 to 84 in favor of the New York Nicks. It looks like Michael Jordan chose a team that has none of his qualities as a basketball legend.

Guard Gerald Henderson seemed shocked with the overall failure of yesterday’s game. He said after the game: “This doesn’t sit very well with me. These last 10 games we’ve really tried to get after it, compete and not get that record. It just didn’t happen for us”.  Looking back, he said, the team lost 59 games, making for an “unacceptable” season.

This week, Michael Jordan talked with the Charlotte Observer. He confessed that he expected 2012 to be a bad year, but I bet you he didn’t even imagine it could be that worse. Michael Jordan said:

“We had to make a difficult decision to turn over the talent. This year the talent we had didn’t respond, but that doesn’t cause me to turn my back on the plan”.

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