Worried about money, Kate Gosselin buys new car

Reality show star Kate Gosselin recently expressed worries about money – now that her reality show is cancelled – but apparently she still has enough money to buy a new car. The mother of eight was photographed driving a brand new car, an Audi TT.

Kate Gosselin thinks that it is about time to do something for herself. After the split from her husband, Jon Gosselin, the reality star kept the show going, but reoriented her purposes and dreams in a more self-centered direction.  Since her split, her status – that of a single woman – has changed the way she looks, the way she acts and the way she drives, too. She’s got longer hair, she makes TV appearances where she talks about wanting a new man in her life – although a lot different from Jon – and she drives cars that have nothing in common with family life.

Her brand new vehicle is an Audi TT, with leather seats and a turbo engine that reaches 130 miles per hour.  It is definitely a car just for her. What is she trying to say with this choice? A new Audi TT is priced at a minimum of 50,000 dollars, depending on the options you order it with. So it is not quite an appropriate car for someone who worries about finances. Kate Gosselin has recently appeared in the media whining about how the reality show did not make her rich. “People think we made gazillions of dollars, and we didn’t”, she declared to People magazine. Now, that “Kate plus 8” was cancelled, she started worrying publicly about the financial future of her family. She said that it would be really hard to go back to her nursing job and still provide for her kids. “12-hour nursing shifts every day wouldn’t let me continue to provide well for eight kids essentially on my own. When you think about it that way, it gets really scary,” she confessed.

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  1. She is a deluded mental case who thinks she is a star. Her celebrity is based solely on her children and her shrill personality drove away the majority of her fans. There are still a few die hard ones left who will defend Kate to the death but even they are starting to dwindle. Kate is a grifter who is constantly asking for things from others but does not want to have to reciprocate in any way and when anyone dares ask something of her such as respect, a thank you or just civil treatment, she cuts them off. Was she really stupid enough to think that the show would go on and on when its ratings have been falling like a rock? The car is ridiculous for someone with 8 children regardless of the money situation. It has two seats. No one “needs” a luxury sports car. I don’t care if she bought it used. It was not a smart way to spend the money earned on the backs of her children and they can’ even ride in it. As always it is just about her and her selfish wants.

  2. Yaaa Leslie…..Kate is a self serving, dilusional “star”. She yelled at a cop after hitting a car and leaving the scene ” You can’t arrest me, I am a public person”
    Why would she buy a $50,000 sport car that NONE of those kids will ever see the inside of? You know OCD Mom would not let one of those kids put a fingerprint on that car.
    Come down to Earth.

  3. i agree completely. She is a selfish, sick woman. She is so delusional about her status as a “celebrity”. Her ridiculous trashy outfits and high heels make her look desperate. No mother of 8 needs to drive around in a car like that! She has major issues. I hope no one falls for her sad story of being broke and gives her a job. She needs to live a normal life and go back to nursing. She could provide for her kids on a nursing salary..she just wouldn’t be living the same life she lives now .

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