Worldwide Developers’ Conference: What To Expect

As the Worldwide Developer’s Conference is getting ready to welcome guests on Monday, analysts at Mac World have created a list of the things we should expect to see during the event. Apple is expected to introduce some of the improvements they have made on iCloud and Maps services.

Since the WWDC is a developers’ conference, Apple will most likely create presentations that trigger developers’ interest. The company will try to convince developers that the iCloud service is the best now that it has been provided with new facilities and that the issues that troubled users have been solved. Analysts at Mac World expect Apple to announce a revamped version of the iCloud program.

Apple’s Maps have been largely criticized by analysts and users because they don’t live up to the quality offered by the rivaling company, Google. WWDC should, therefore, introduce users to an Apple Maps update that corrects all the glitches. The service should provide more accurate information about the location of the users and public transportation data should be displayed by the program.

Although there is no sign indicating that the IT giant will reveal the future features of its iOS 7 software, Mac World is, nevertheless, expecting news in relation to this subject. Since the recent trends have shown that developers tend to make operating systems less flashy, the new iOS could sport a more muted design. Judging by the past releases that the company has made, iOS 7 will feature makeovers in point of title bars, tabs, buttons and icons, in Mac World’s vision.

Rumors related to a new Apple TV device have been swirling on the Internet since the beginning of the year, but the company did not reveal anything except the fact that they are working on a new streaming player. Next week’s conference could be the best moment for the company to make new declarations in relations about Apple TV. WWDC may also feature discussions about the evolution of the MAC Pro, although Apple has no actual reason to release a new desktop model now that smartphones in general and, iPhone, in particular, have become so popular.

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