World War Z Trailer Is Out And Brad Pitt Is Fighting Zombies

So he is promoting Chanel No. 5, designing furniture and now is fighting zombies?!  “World War Z” trailer is out and Brad Pitt is kicking some serious zombie ass as he attempts to save his family and the world of yet another invasion of the undead. Seriously, how many more zombie movies are there going to be?!

Talking from a woman’s point of view, zombie movies aren’t more appealing because Brad Pitt is playing in them. “World War Z” is a movie that reportedly charged the studio some $180 million and it is set to hit theaters next June, although the original release date was for this holiday season.

The 2:27 “World War Z” trailer does look exciting…but somehow when you’ve seen two or three of the genre, it’s kind of the same. Brad Pitt is followed by hordes of zombies. Hundred thousands of them, just climbing over each other in what looks like a whole new creature. It all starts in an unsuspecting American city, when Brad Pitt takes his family to safety in a world where hell broke loose.

Then he asks for help. Help arrives just in the last minute and Brad Pitt is forced to jump off the roof and hang from a helicopter in air while zombies drop off the skyscraper roof one by one. He is then asked to help save the world and urged to stop pretending like he’s not good for the job, but the character is torn between protecting his family and stopping the zombie apocalypse. Oh, how heartbreaking.

The media describes “World War Z” is a very anticipated movie. I bet it is, it costs $180 million and features Brad Pitt in charge of saving the world from zombies. Plus the studio has already shifted the release date to June of 2013. By the way, this zombie apocalypse movie would have been great if it would have been released this holiday season and if Mitt Romney had won the presidential elections. Joss Whedon was certain Mitt Romney would have brought the zombie apocalypse if elected.

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