World’s Largest McDonald’s Restaurant Will Be In London

I bet you Jamie Oliver had a shock when he heard the news that the world’s largest McDonald’s restaurant will be in London. The fast food chain is preparing to open the world’s largest McDonald’s restaurant in London’s Olympic Park, a decision that has sparked controversy.

Just a few weeks ago, McDonald’s was under scrutiny in the United States for its presence in hospital cafeterias. Now, McDonald’s has decided to invest in its biggest restaurant that will open only for six weeks in London’s Olympic Park. But what do Big Macs have in common with the Olympics?

Although it’s not the first time McDonald’s ranks as the biggest sponsors at the Olympics, this time more than ever before, people started asking questions. Although the chain attempts to link its image to sport and healthy activities, I can’t imagine one of the top athletes indulging themselves to a Big Mac or leaving their kids engulf tons of salty French Fries, big shakes and Happy Meals.

But McDonald’s has big plans for its restaurant in the Olympic Park. The restaurant will enjoy a 32,292 square feet space and will be served by 2,000 employees. The company is expecting to sell during the six weeks the world’s largest McDonald’s restaurant will be open over 50,000 Big Macs and 180,000 French fries orders.

The controversial McDonald’s restaurant will be built from recyclable materials. To make sure consumers get the company’s attempt to promote a healthy lifestyle, this year McDonald’s is going to launch a campaign that should shut down criticism over fast food and obesity in children. Happy Meals will have “activity toys” and free sport session vouchers.

Kevin Newell, McDonald’s Global Chief Brand Officer, said in an interview with Chicago Tribune, that the company’s goal at the Olympics is to promote children’s well-being. “Most people when they talk about children’s well-being, they go immediately to the food, but…it’s also about education and activity” said Newell. He added “the Olympics will set us up very nicely to launch a few things around children’s well-being”.

But it’s not just McDonald’s that has raised controversy at the Olympics. Professor Terence Stephenson, vice-president of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, slashed out at Coca-Cola too. Stephenson argued Coca-Cola and McDonald’s presence at the Olympics is “most unhelpful” and will only “influence” people into associating their products with a healthy lifestyle.

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