World’s First Hoverboard to be launched in 2015

It seems that Arx Pax California is looking for ways for funding its Hendo Hoverboard. They launched a campaign on Tuesday to support some hovering inventions, including a hoverboard and must raise no less than 250,000 dollars to reach its goal.  

The board levitates approximately an inch off the ground, but unfortunately its battery runs only for 7 minutes. If you want to taste this unique experience, you must pay 10,000 dollars for a hoverboard. This interesting board is powered by electromagnetic levitation, requiring conductive material underneath for its function. According to the campaign, the Hendo Hoverboard will be unveiled on 21 October 2015, at Hendo headquarters. Until then, there are some other interesting options on Kickstarter that are using the same technology, for example a hackable “Whitebox”.

This company is not the only one which has tried to build and made important progress in the launch of a useable hoverboard. Engineer Rich DeVaul and a mathematician named Dan Piponi of Google have also tried to build a device like this. Unfortunately, they just managed to make a little piece of carbon to hover above a lattice of small magnets. Dustin Rubio, an electrician from California, managed to turn a leaf blower with some plastic, a duct tape and some plywood, into a so called hovercraft that he used to glide down in this backyard. Tony Hawk promoted “HUVr Tech” in a video, where he appeared on a real hoverboard.

Despite these inventions, Hendo Hover is considered to be a great product, while Arx Pax, its founder, and Greg Henderson, its inventor, are looking forward to launch this device. The Hendo Hoverboard is not for sale yet, but the company hopes that next year, by this time, the board will be on the market. The company also hopes that the hoverboard will float over any medium, even on water.

So, Hendo Company launched a campaign and they are trying to raise 250,000 dollars. The first 10 people who will donate 10,000 dollars will own the first 10 hoverboards that are produced. The deadline for this campaign is 15 December, 2014. 

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