Woody Allen Criticized By Son On Father’s Day

Most celebrities took to Twitter to send lovely messages to their fathers, but Ronan Farrow chose to criticize his dad, Woody Allen on Father’s Day. According to Us Weekly, the lawyer reminded everyone that the director of “Midnight in Paris” married his daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

Being a parent is a wonderful thing until your child starts to have his own opinion and to disagree with pretty much everything you say. This must be what Woody Allen said to himself when he woke up on Father’s Day to see that he was being mocked by his son, Ronan Farrow, on Twitter.

The director of “Midnight in Paris” left his wife, Mia Farrow to marry his adoptive daughter Soon-Yi Previn in 1992. As a consequence, Ronan wrote a message on his Twitter account to remind everyone about his father’s mistake. He wished his 22,000 followers “Happy Father’s Day” and then added that in his family they call it “happy brother’s-in-law day”. Mia Farrow found his son’s post amusing, so she re-tweeted it with the word “Boom”. Later on, she posted a photo of her and her son telling followers that they were celebrating together.

Ronan didn’t want to maintain relationships with his father when his parents divorced in 1992. Both him and Mia were in a state of awe when they discovered the naked photos of Soon-Yi Previn in Allen’s apartment. He eventually confessed that he was having an affair with Previn who was only 10 years old when the director started dating Farrow in 1980. Due to this immoral behavior the actress managed to get sole custody of her biological son, Ronan.

This is not the first time Ronan criticizes his father in public. He declared in an interview last year that he cannot have a relationship with his father because it prevents him from being morally consistent. He further explained that Woody Allen is both his father and his brother-in-law and that makes it impossible for him to interact with the director.

Some reporters tried to convince Ronan that Woody Allen’s marriage with Soon-Yi Previn is not actually immoral because the two are not biologically related, but the human right lawyer disagreed with them. He stated that he has always considered Previn his own sister and it would be an insult to all adoptive children to say they are not family.

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