Women want to emancipate themselves

“At home I am in war with my husband, but in the end I won! “Hooray share in a roar of laughter, followed by the other women gathered around the delicious couscous they have prepared. Eight women from the southern suburbs of Villejuif responded Saturday at the invitation of the Social Center Eugene-Candon City to talk about discrimination and access to rights, in the presence of social workers and a representative of Planned Parenthood.
“When you are an immigrant woman is often more difficult to access the same things as men, whether to leave or to work, says a referent. Initially, there is the language barrier, but little by little, they become more open and flourish. A group of women and planned to mount a play next year around the theme of access rights. A big challenge for those mothers most of whom do not speak French very well and for which to show off is not obvious.
Hooray arrived in France in 1993 while her husband was already living there for twenty years. This woman of Algerian origin confesses that she had to fight for access to a certain freedom: “In Algeria, tradition dictates that the wife stays at home. The husband does not want his wife so by lack of confidence. Me, my son pushed me to leave, to take French classes. It’s hard with my husband, but he understands more and more, it has evolved. “Naima, a facilitator in the center of Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis), rebounds:” I do not think this problem is specific to immigrant women. The man is afraid of losing his role. It is difficult for him to seek the advice of his wife. “Even though they are rare, the cons-examples exist. “Some women do not speak out because it is forbidden. Mine’s the opposite. My husband encourages me, “says Sukran, of Turkish origin. I’m shy and I tend to stay home. Now I’m taking French classes. “
The center participates in social effect to the empowerment of women by offering literacy classes, helping to build a resume to seek employment. It also offers meetings around parenting, health, human rights … “These women represent a silent majority who demand to be expressed, said Mostapha Hafidi, director of the office. We must consolidate this exchange because it allows to express lots of messages in the field of access to law, citizenship, education … “

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