Women drive safer than men

Despite the jokes about women driving with their head in the clouds, a recent study shows that they actually drive safer than men. CBS says that according to a survey done for MetLife, women get far less reckless driving tickets and they also are less likely to be taken downtown for DUI.

The recent MetLife poll shows that men are worse drivers than women. Here are the results of the survey:
•    Women are 3.4 less likely to get a ticket
•    Women are 3.1 less likely to be arrested for DUI
•    51% of women believe they drive better than men

The study explains the results through some qualities that women have when getting behind the wheel, qualities that men seem to lack in those situations. One of them is that women tend to respect authority more and they do not manifest an aggressive behavior, at least not as often as men do. “Women are on average less aggressive and more law-abiding drivers — attributes that lead to fewer accidents”, the report concludes.

However, there is one field in which men have gained the majority of points, and that is automotive knowledge. They definitely know more about the hardware, such as electronic stability control, thus being more able to prevent rollover accidents.
When it comes to morbidity statistics, the number of men dying as a result of an accident is considerably higher than women’s. In 2009, in the United States only, 11,900 male drivers have lost their lives. This, in comparison to just 4,900 women.
The gender differences seem to fade away in the case of teenagers, due to equal risk of distraction while driving. Among the main distraction in the teenager accidents, there are the cell phones and the music players, says a survey made in 2011.

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