Woman Sues Kirstie Alley Over Weight Loss Claims

When Kirstie Alley dropped a whooping 100 lbs during her staying with “Dancing With the Stars”, a lot of women started looking for that secret product. Now, a disgruntled woman sues Kirstie Alley over weight loss claims to trick people into buying a product that doesn’t work.

She was once the “Fat Actress” but managed to drop 100 lbs in a very short time. Kirstie Alley told everybody her amazing slim body was due to a weight loss product called Organic Liaison. The actress went on about the miracle-working weight loss supplement in QVC appearances and online promotional materials. According to a recent lawsuit against Kirstie Alley, all those weight loss claims were bogus.

Marina Abramyan is the disgruntled weight loss supplement user that sued Kirstie Alley. She is hitting the once “Fat Actress” with a class-action suit which aims to show Kirstie Alley’s endorsement of Organic Liaison was untruthful. E! writes Abramyan wants to prove both the actress and the maker of the said miracle-working supplement engaged in “nothing more than a healthy deception”.

Abramyan was one of the viewers that believed in Kirstie Alley’s endorsement of the weight-loss supplement. But, after purchasing the product and following the Organic Liaison Weight Loss Program she “did not experience any of the benefits Defendants advertised”.

E! News has obtained the documents Abramyan filed this Friday. The files read Kirstie Alley dropped those 100 lbs by dancing and not by taking Organic Liaison. The plaintiff supports her claim arguing “Dancing With the Stars” “tracked weight loss as a result of hours and hours of dancing every day for several months”.

So it was shaking her ass that got Kirstie Alley down to “size 6 and still counting” and not Organic Liaison, as she told her viewers. The lawsuit files read Kirstie Alley lost weight as a “result of an above average exercise regimen and extremely low calorie diet”.

Moreover, Abramyan and her lawyer researched the weight-loss supplement Kirstie Alley endorsed and found some inconsistencies. To begin with, Abramyan claims Organic Liaison is yet to be proved in “well-controlled, well-conducted studies” to actually work. For the most part the effectiveness of the Organic Liaison is not proved to be any better than “standard dietary supplements incapable of causing weight loss”.

Did you try Kirstie Alley’s endorsed Organic Liaison?

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  1. When does it end?
    There is no magic pill. You have to have the Will, and belief in yourself, to lose weight. You can work out all you want,and still maintain your weight. I know this from experience. But you can get your stuff together in your mind and find the Will to accomplish any realistic goal you set. First off anybody that watches an infomercial to lose weight, is looking for the magic pill, Good Luck !! Now if Ms. Alley didn’t take the Organic Liaison then shame on her, But if it is true, and She didn’t claim it was the sole reason She lost the weight, then how can she be sued?
    I myself have lost 60 pounds in less then 2 months, just by cutting my portions in half. Opp’s! Can i be sued for saying that? Oh yeah there was the walking, the need to find a mate, and the belief in myself, along with the strength of positive comments by others. A complement goes a long way’s. If this suit wins this person is still going to be fat and unhappy, getting up everyday hating themselves, I know I did. Until that one morning I looked in the mirror in discuss, and told myself enough ! and found the will to believe and achieve.

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