Woman on McDonalds diet during marathon preparation

Emily Strunk-Helm is a 36-year-old woman from Arizona, who had decided to take the challenge of both running a marathon and going to a McDonald’s diet during her workout period. The plan began on September 8 and the specific signs of fast food feeding have begun to show, Shine informs.

After “Supersize Me” a movie which struck when showing what happens when you willingly choose to go on an exclusive McDonald’s diet, Emily Strunk-Helm from Arizona decides to try her luck in a similar challenge. The woman admits she has made a passion for the McD’s foods, especially for Cheeseburgers, Chicken Nuggets and French Fries. They are “my favorites” she writes on her blog, named McRunnerette.

Her plan is to eat only at McDonald’s for a month, while training for a Long Beach marathon which will take place on October 9th. So why take up that challenge? She wants to raise 10,000 dollars for the Ronald McDonald house.  Her daily menu includes, among other foods, one Hot and Spicy McChicken Sandwich, one Small French Fries bag, one Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap, one Chocolate Chip Cookie and two Diet Cokes. She has a strict menu and says that the signs have already started to appear. While the number of calorie ingested is high enough for a person making that much effort, the nutrients are lacking.

“My stomach was growling a few times during the day”, McRunnerette writes on her blog and mentions that it is very difficult to go to McDonalds every time she has a meal planned, as they are too many.  She also says that after one day of training she got a cold. “How does one get a cold in the middle of summer?” That made her cancel her training for a couple of days. And just two weeks after the beginning of the challenge, she added more food in the menu: two small and two big French Fries.


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