Woman is Attacked for Wearing Google Glass

The Google Glass has numerous fans, but it seems that many people hate it, as well. A woman was actually attacked for wearing Google Glass. 

The event occurred in a San Francisco bar. It seems that a woman was attacked and robbed just because she was wearing Google Glass in a local bar. Actually, the person in this case is technology writer Sarah Slocum. 

The woman was wearing her high-tech glasses in the Molotovs bar in San Francisco. It has been reported that she was attacked by three persons: two women and a man. While the two women confronted her, the man ripped her Google Glass of her face. 

Sarah Slocum followed the attacker and managed to get her Google Glass back. Still, while pursuing the man, her handbag and mobile phone were stolen. Naturally, the whole incident was quite traumatic for the poor woman. 

“OMG so you’ll never believe this but… I got verbally and physically assaulted and robbed last night in the city, had things thrown at me because of some w***er Google Glass haters,” Sarah wrote on her Facebook page. 

Naturally, Sarah Slocum reported the attack and now the cops are trying to find her attackers. The woman claimed that she managed to capture their face on Glass Video, so probably the police will be able to identify them soon. 

Witnesses claimed that most likely the incident occurred because some people at the bar might have been offended by the fact that they might have been recorded by the glasses. Some witnesses even claimed that Sarah was very wrong to keep her glasses on and record people who were against this. 

When Google launched its Google Glass, the company issued an etiquette guide to its product, advising users to be respectful and polite when wearing these products. The guide claims that people should respect others and ask permission before taking photographs and recording other people. 

According to witnesses, Sarah refused to stop recording them and behaved in an inappropriate manner, while the woman said she wasn’t doing anything annoying or rude. However, it is yet to see what the police will find and who did wrong in this case.

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