Woman In Tennessee Has Revelations After Living Biblically For One Year

A woman in Tennessee has had several revelations after living biblically for almost one year. The feminist Christian started “The Womanhood Project” because she wanted to see whether the teachings preached by the Bible are logical or not, Reuters reports.

Rachel Held Evans is a convinced feminist, but religion plays an important part in her life, as well. Since many of the biblical precepts are most of the times in opposition with the convictions of the feminist groups, Rachel decided to perform an experiment. She set out to live according to the rules of the Bible for almost one year to see whether these are applicable or not. At the end of “The Womanhood Project”, as she entitled it, the woman wrote a book “A Year Of Biblical Womanhood” and shared her experience with the rest of the world.

During the past 12 months, Rachel observed the Bible by making her own clothes, growing her hair out and even living in a tent set in front of the house during menstruation.  Moreover, Evans called her husband “Master” and sat alone on the roof of the home whenever she had been gossiping or nagging someone else. Despite this, Rachel was unable to identify the correct blueprint of how to be a woman. In fact, she understood that the examples set forth by the Bible were contradictory as some verses suggested to “submit to your husband”, whereas others said “submit to one another”.

Feminist groups initially criticized Rachel’s initiative as they all thought the experiment was demeaning to women. Evans, on the other hand, explained that she wanted to prove that “the more women know about the Bible, the more they can respond when people try to silence them”.

Her book “A Year Of Biblical Womanhood” may not see the light of day very soon as the novel contains the word “vagina” and Christian publishers found it offensive.  Evans refused to remove the word from the book and instead chose to continue her search for a new publisher.

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