Woman Arrested For Facebook Obama Slur

The Inquisitr reports that a 22-year-old woman from California was arrested after posting a racial slur against President Obama on her Facebook account. Denise Helms, who is clearly not a supporter of the African American President, told her friends that maybe “he will get assassinated” prompting authorities to investigate her.

Denise Helms never expected her joke about Barack Obama to cause such a tantrum on behalf of the Secret Service. The 22-year-old woman made a racial comment about the newly re-elected President and hoped that maybe he “gets assassinated this term”. The post went viral within a few hours as it was shared by other Facebook users.

Helms released an interview telling reporters that she never expected to get so much attention over a comment. She later on tried to set things straight by admitting that the part related to the president’s assassination was a little bit far-fetched. The mere fact of speaking about someone’s assassination doesn’t necessarily mean you would do it, Denise explained. However, she wouldn’t be the least affected if Obama was murdered.

Denise’s employers at Cold Stone Creamery were outraged by the woman’s comment, as well. They decided to fire her and posted an official statement on their Twitter account, on Thursday, notifying the press that Helms is no longer working with them. Following an avalanche of angry messages, Cold Stone Creamery’s spokesperson declared that the company does not share the employee’s view on Barack Obama.

Denise Helms’ problems could get a lot worse in the future. According to the Associated Press, the woman is currently being investigated by the Secret Service because threatening the president is a felony. If she is found guilty she could be sent to jail.

Helms is not the only person who posted offensive messages against the United States President after the results of the election were communicated on Tuesday evening. Real estate mogul Donald Trump took to the Twitterverse to express his anger over Obama’s re-election and to invite people to make a revolution. He later on deleted his radical posts. 

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  1. all U have to do is look into the faces of these White Trash PIG faces not even people to see the uglyness of the white Trash minority and I’m sorry for being white
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  2. Wanna see true racism? Go up to any black american and ask them “You look sad. Were you a Romney supporter?” and stand back and simply listen to the “TRASH” as the bitch above me says.

  3. wow such hatred and vulgarities to anyone that dares oppose Obama. I despise the man. let me put that in perspective. I disdained Clinton for his policies but never despised him because, though wrong, I believe that he was honestly acting in the best interests of the country. With Obama though, I see him a a hateful person determined to destroy this nation. Judging from the vitriol coming from his supporters, I am doubling down on that thinking.

  4. i just want to see the United States become the envy of all nations. To reassert her greatness on the world stage. That should not be too much to hope for.

  5. it is so sad that so many white folks
    have so much hatred for that black president. If you look at all the past presidents ; none of them has never received so much disrespect as this man has. Donald Trump has truly
    shown the world how much hatred he has for african
    americans. The secret service should put him under

  6. Secret service is 2 busy with their crank and hoes 2 investigate anything. Remember the movie about GWB getting whacked? The United States is the envoy of no nation, it has become a joke. Thanks Oboma

  7. I sure hope that Denise Helms learns to use her head before she opens her mouth. Maybe getting arrested will get her attention. Being an American does not mean that you can say anything you want to about anyone you want to. Leaning to be respectful and communicate in an appropriate manner seems to have become a lost skill. There are quite a number of adults who need to learn about anti-bullying and this applies to all forms of communication.

  8. It is horrible that we have such negative comments and so much hate. You’d rather cut off your nose imspite of your face. Seriously ppl, Barack Obama IS the PRESIDENT of the United States. Whether you agree with his policies or not, it happened. It is sad that racism AND ignorance still runs more rampantly than you’d expect in 2012.

    I will say a prayer for you all.

  9. @Dan I happen to be a Black American and I do not agree with Mitt Romney’s policies but had he won, I wouldn’t have threatened his life. Actually, I was NOT over the moon when Bush was elected TWICE. I did not threaten his life, make racial slurs or anything of the like. Unlike some, I reserve respect for the Leader of this country, whether I agree with their policies or not and always regardless of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs and so on. What separates us from animals when we are behaving like them, possibly being able to stand upright? Where is the HUMANity? This is sickening. Bottom line is, Barack Obama will be our President for the next four years.

  10. Please stop pointing fingers of irrelevance outside the facts. This sh&t for brains typed a threat from her own account page on her own computer. Simple as pie to trace. usc 871 threats to the president as is usc 875 and usc 876 which include threats against other people are not based on subjective intent, meaning for you non legal scholars or law students that the unstated (secret) intentions of the defendant or their capacity to carry out the threat are not considered and completely outside the application of the law. The law is applied and prosecuted based on objective intent, that is, did the defendant, Ms. Helms in this matter knowingly send a threatening communication re the POTUS? Whether she meant it to be threatening is beside the point. Is it threatening to a reasonable person. Indeed it has been. It came from her computer according to electronic forensics, plus she admits transmitting it. All of the elements of objective intent on usc 871 are met in this case. She qualifies for indictment, prosecution and under federal guidelines at least 1 year to 18 months in Federal prison.

  11. There’s where you’re wrong Eddie…if you want to make this a racial issue than you haven’t done your research, there are many black people that hate him as well!
    And for good reason.
    It isn’t because of his color! It is because he is breaking the law and getting away with it, it is because he is bringing this country into a bigger mess than what we were in before.

    Mario, it isn’t ignorance that we hate someone we don’t know, it is simply because we have seen what he has and hasn’t done and that is the reason.

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