“Wolfenstein 3D” Released As Free Web Browser Game

Bethesda has decided to surprise gamers with the new 3D version of “Wolfenstein”. The version was released as a free web browser game on Wednesday to celebrate their 20th anniversary, says Mashable.

There are numerous entertaining activities that companies have prepared for computer users in general and for gamers in particular. Despite this, “Wolfenstein” continues to be highly appreciated even if it was first released in 1992. The company’s ability to produce new and modern versions has contributed to the success of the game.

Since this is the era of 3D technology, Bethesda keeps up with the most recent trend by producing a 3D version of the game. The new Wolfenstein was released on Wednesday because it was the day that marked the 20th anniversary of the game. Bethesda wanted to make sure that their new product will be tested by as many computer users as possible, so they offered free access to the first-person shooter during the first day.

The game is compatible with all modern browsers from Google Chrome 16 to Internet Explorer 9 to Firefox 11 and Apple Safari 5. Players can choose to control the character with their mouses or their keyboards, depending on their preferences.

Although there are various new elements that have been introduced in the game, “Wolfenstein 3D” was elaborated as a remake of “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”, the classic version of Apple II game. This new product requires 320-by-200 with 256-color VGA graphics in order to work properly because it provides a 3D view of the world. In fact, this is the element that differentiates “Wolfenstein 3D” from the rest of the 3D games, Hovertank and Catacomb 3D, according to Bethesda.

In case you never tried this game before, “Wolfenstein 3D” presupposes that you play an American soldier in World War II who attempts to escape from the Nazi Castle of Wolfenstein. Those who prefer tablets and smartphones may download the game on their iPhones and iPads for free on Wednesday.


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