Wiz Khalifa Busted For Marijuana Charges

When it comes to rappers, be it old school or hip, there’s one detail that is essential: getting busted for marijuana possession. Wiz Klalifa was recently busted in North Carolina for marijuana charges. It seems that his sweet tooth for pot was not moderated by his previous arrest.

While old school hip hop reports regarding gang fights, controversial gun statements and so forth aren’t so common nowadays, it has become harder for a rapper to live on the wild side of the law. Although today’s world has enough cruelty and heart breaking events to offer inspiration for great rhymes, nowadays rappers are domesticated. The only times they get to become familiar with police officers is for driving under the influence, traffic tickets and marijuana consumption and/or possession.

When it comes to Wiz Khalifa, there’s no secret that this guy has a personal love affair with pot. It’s also no breaking news that he was busted for marijuana possession. It already happened before and it’s likely to happen again.

TMZ reports that rapper Wiz Khalifa was busted for marijuana possession after officers discovered 11.39 grams of cannabis in his tour bus. The artist was in North Carolina for a concert in Winston-Salem and he had the misfortune to be stopped by officers who searched his bus.

Apparently, talking about joints “bigger than King Kong’s fingers” puts you under police radar. Along with several other members of Wiz Khalifa’s staff and band, the rapper was arrested and now has to show up in court on July 27th.

Soon after the search was conducted and right after midnight, Khalifa posted on Twitter two messages that clearly indicate to his brief encounter with the cops. First post to make Twitter reads: “They Hate Us” and was soon followed by what could be the title of a new song: “Made It Out Alive”.

So far, the artists’ reps have declined to make any comments regarding Wiz Khalifa’s second marijuana bust this year. On April 21th, the rapper had another encounter with the cops after people complained he was smoking pot in some Nashville Holiday Inn.

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