Withings Activité, a normal watch with fitness tracking

Are you looking for a regular watch but also for a fitness tracker, a waking alarm and a sleep tracker? Well, Withings Activite can do these things and it still looks like a regular watch with a retro design. Looking at it, you can’t say that this watch is a smartwatch. This is the best part about Activite. 

It costs 450 dollars, a little more expensive than an entry level watch, but it actually is worth the money. This interesting, but also regular, wristwatch comes with a curved sapphire crystal dome and stainless-steel housing. It is water-resistant to 5atm, with a battery life that lasts 8 months, until you need to replace it.

Beside this, Withings Activite can inform you about daily steps, vibrates to wake you up, tracks your steps and syncs with your phone. It is perfect for those who are seeking for a subtle and invisible watch, not like other smartwatches with glowing touch displays and speakers. 

It is the right choice if you are wearing something elegant or are willing to attend a business event. It doesn’t collect so many data as Microsoft Band when it comes to heart-rate tracking or counting your steps. It is almost opposite, it shows you how much progress have you made the entirely day, 10,000 steps is the default.

You don’t have to push any button, it does it all by itself, automatically and smoothly. Sleep tracking is activated without pressing any button and you will get your bedtime and wake time pretty accurately since the day you will buy it. You won’t get a lot of feedback during the day but it will buzz gently when you reached your step goal. 

The Withings Activite is slighter and smaller and it looks very delicate on the wrist. Compared to other modern men’s watches which come with very large straps and faces, Activite is very subtle. It comes in two designs: one with a white watch with brown strap and one with a black watch and strap. You should know that it looks quite good on female wrists, too.

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