Winter’s Tale Premiered in London

Winter’s Tale is described as a beautiful story, so this was expected to be a popular movie. The movie just premiered in London, while its main actors Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay made a beautiful appearance at the Odeon Kensington. 

The movie actually is a romantic story in which Colin Farrell plays the role of a burglar, who falls in love with an heiress, part interpreted by Jessica Brown-Findlay. The story is quite tragic, as she dies in his arms. The story goes on to reveal that the male character has the gift on reincarnation, which he uses to try to save the life of his loved one. 

The movie is inspired from a novel wrote by Mark Helprin back in 1983. However, it seems that even though the movie has just been released, it already received a lot of negative reviews. The love story in the movie is described as not being impressive at all. 

Actually, some of the worst reviews even say that the love story in the RoboCop remake was better than what can be seen in Winter’s Tale

The movie was directed by Akiva Goldsman, who was quite brave to do this project on a book that Martin Scorsese actually called as being unfilmable. When watching this story, readers cannot decide if it tries to be a fantasy or a period piece. 

The couple in the movie meets as Peter, Farrell’s character, breaks into Beverly’s home. As Peter sees Beverly playing the piano, the two fall in love. Russell Crowe also has a part in this movie, playing the role of Pearly, who is Peter’s boss. As the story is a mix of reality and fantasy, the boss is also a demon. Pearly will try to use Beverly to destroy Peter.  

In case you want to see the latest performance of Colin Farrell, you should know that the movie has just hit theaters in the US. Winter’s Tale can be seen in theaters in the UK starting with February 21. You may find the movie here under the name of A New York Winter’s Tale

So, the love story can be watched by couples who want to enjoy a nice romantic movie on Valentine’s Day. 

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