Windows Server 2012 Highly Appreciated In Indonesia

After introducing the new Windows Server 2012 in Jakarta last week, Microsoft expects its new product to be highly appreciated in Indonesia. The success of the multinational company depends on the advanced features and options that have been used for the new server, according to Jakarta Post.

Microsoft Indonesia installed the new Windows Server 2012 in Jakarta last week because they wanted to maintain their leading position on the data server market. Analysts think their strategy could pay off considering the large numbers of improvements that have been made on the new server. Andreas Diantoro, the president director of Microsoft Indonesia told the press that Server 2012 will strengthen the company’s position in Indonesia due to its advanced server and storage virtualization features.

Already Microsoft’s shares in Indonesia have reached 87 per cent in July, so Diantoro thinks the evolution will be a lot better in the future due to Server 2012. Takeshi Numoto, the corporate vice president of the servers and tools division declared that their company registered double-digit growth each year. In his opinion, this means the company is on the right track, so he was more than welcome to announce the arrival of Server 2012 on the Indonesian market.

The global situation of Microsoft Windows is positive as the demand grew 0.3 per cent in comparison to the values registered around the same time of the year, in the past. The new server is the only one which can accommodate the growing need for data management and storage. Numoto explained that a highly-advanced server was required given that people tend to use a wider range of devices and download new apps each day. “The combination of devices and applications generates a lot of data,” the corporate vice president explained.

United States adopted the new server on September 4th, exactly four years since Windows Server 2008 R2 was launched. There are two versions for the new product; Azure was created for cloud computing- based operating systems, whereas Windows Server 2012 was created for offline systems.

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