Windows Handset Nokia Lumia Sold 1 Million Units

Nokia and Microsoft are two titans making a bet that carries the risk of completely ruining them and putting an end to their presence in the smartphone market. The two players have released in November 2011 Nokia Lumia, which is supposed to boost sales. So far, the news is good, as estimates say that the Windows handset Nokia Lumia sold 1 million units.

For Nokia and Microsoft, Nokia Lumia is their best chance to get consumers interested in their particular products, at a time when Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy are running the place. Perhaps applying more for Nokia, the success of the phone is significant to build investors’ confidence.

A few months ago, Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop with Nokia announced that the company is shutting down its Symbian and MeeGo divisions and made an attempt with Microsoft’s Windows Phone.  Bloomberg writes that between the Lumia announcement and launch, Symbian based smartphones sales have declined by 36 percent. The plunge affected Nokia dramatically, as the company is expected to post a loss of 92 million euro for the fourth quarter earnings.

Earlier this year, Stephen Elop said: “With Lumia, our interest has been to establish a series of beachheads in this war of ecosystems… There is much more we can do in this battle, especially here in North America”.

According to an analysis by Bloomberg, in just two months the Lumia handset has, probably, managed to sell 1.3 million units globally to operators and retailers. Nokia Lumia has been  released in Europe in November 2011 and the estimates apply for the months before 2012.

At this year’s Consumers Electronics Show, AT&T announced it was going to sell Nokia Lumia 900 within its network. Chris Weber, president of Nokia Americas, stated: “The introduction of Nokia Lumia 900 with AT&T is another significant milestone in the ongoing rollout of Nokia’s global smartphone strategy”.

Espen Furnes, fund manager at Storebrand Asset Management, told Bloomberg that “the numbers look promising”. The manager added that “if Nokia is able to have a strong launch and surpass at least 1 million and keep that type of momentum, this would help put them in a credible position that is crucial to winning back investors”.

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