Windows Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

Windows is celebrating its birthday. The famous operating system, which remains the most used in the world, has just turned 30.

So, this means that the system that has changed the face of computing was first released in 1985. That was Windows 1.0. Now, the popular company is promoting its latest operating system, the Windows 10.

So, the first Windows emerged back in 1985. When thinking of today’s standards, this system is without a doubt a rudimentary one. Furthermore, at the moment when it was released, Microsoft failed to keep its promise according to and the famous company actually launched its new product about one year and a half later than it originally claimed.

However, the wait was worth it, as Windows changed the way computers functioned. And it turned out to be the most used operating system in the world, functioning on billions of personal computers.

Windows has also made Microsoft successful, being its most viable and accessed product. The second version of the operating system was released by the tech giant only two years later, Windows 2.0.

The third Windows version was released in 1990, bringing some improvements to the standard version. However, 1995 was a crucial year for the operating system, this being the moment when Microsoft released Windows 95.

Windows 95 came with a new start menu, but it also supported the Internet and came with a new plug and play support for easy hardware installation. Six years later, Windows released the XP, which actually continues to be characterized as the most iconic version ever launched.

Windows XP brought numerous changes and most of all, it was very a user friendly system. It also came with a new visual style and a bright color palette.

However, Windows XP, released in 2001, was the huge success for Microsoft. It sold 400 million copies only in the first year. Even though the operating system was discontinued by Microsoft, meaning that the famous company decided to stop issuing updates for it, Windows XP is still used all around the world.

Some statistics indicated that last month, the operating system that is no less than 14 years old was still installed on about 12 percent of the computers found in the world.

Well, if the XP was a huge success, Microsoft also made some mistakes. One of these mistakes is the launch of Windows Vista. The Vista is used by only 1.7 percent of Windows users at the moment.

However, although Vista wasn’t a success, it eased the transition to Windows 7, which turned out to be quite appreciated. Nowadays, most computers that run Windows actually run this operating system.

Windows 8 wasn’t the success that Microsoft hoped it would become, but nowadays it is the third most used Windows operating system.

The last version of Windows that the famous company released is naturally Windows 10. This operating system was released in July and Microsoft hopes it will be a huge success. Well, it seems that people are quite interested in this product, as it already holds about 8 percent of the market and its popularity is growing.

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