Windows 8 To Be Released In October

Based on a recent report published by CNET News Microsoft announced on Monday that they will most likely release their new operating system Windows 8 in October. The company did not reveal too many details about their new products. The final release schedule of the operating system will be communicated at the beginning of April.

Microsoft is doing its best to compete with Apple, one of the most powerful technological companies at the moment. As a consequence, Bill Gates’ firm is ready to launch several new products this year, including the much-awaited Windows 8 system.

Based on the information provided by spokespersons of the company, Windows 8 will be finished by summer, but the launching event will be held in October. Less than five devices with ARM system-on-a-chip architecture will be available at the launch of Microsoft’s new programme. Analysts believe the use of ARM chips will enable Microsoft to create better looking tablets that can compete with Apple’s devices. In their opinion, ARM chips will make tablets thinner and lighter. However, experts estimate that it will be very difficult for the Washington-based company to keep up with its rivals.

Microsoft made several declarations in relation to the launching of its new programme last month. According to a declaration posted on their website, the company planned to launch Windows 8 on ARM chips at the same time it launched Windows for x86 chips. The news was confirmed by Steven Sinofsky, Windows President who wrote on his weblog that the collective objective of the company is to launch the two products at the same time.

The fact that the company will only launch five devices running x86 chips might not be such a good idea according to analysts. In their opinion, the launched products represent a slight alternative to Apple’s already popular iPad. In addition, the new chip could also determine some of Microsoft’s competitors to create special devices for x86 even though these may be bulkier than the existing tablets.

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