Wilson Phillips Bandmates ‘Shocked’ by Carnie Wilson’s Weight Loss Surgery

Wilson Phillips bandmates were taken by surprise by Carnie Wilson’s weight loss surgery because the television hostess did not tell them anything about it. According to Us Weekly, Carnie announced her friend and her sister about her intentions just a few days before the procedure and that messed up their plans.

Carnie Wilson took to cosmetic surgery for the second time in 13 years because she wanted to look good for their April show “Wilson Phillips: Hold On”. The results were, indeed, astonishing as the singer is visibly slimmer than she used to be. Despite this, her bandmate Chynna Phillips and sister Wendy Wilson were somewhat upset that Carnie waited too long before telling them about the procedure.

Last time she talked with reporters, Chynna was disappointed that the band had to cancel a tour date because their friend needed more recovery time.

However, Chynna admits that her declaration was a little bit exaggerated and that she should have been more patient with Carnie.

She blamed her reaction on the fact that she was supposed to take part in the new series of “Dancing With The Stars” and she was very nervous.

Carnie Wilson confessed that she wanted to lose weight in order to become healthier. According to her, this is the major preoccupation of all the Wilson Phillips members as Chynna likes to practice yoga and Wendy takes long walks each day.

The band is going through a very busy, yet proficuous period right now. In addition to the new reality show, Wilson Phillips is getting ready to release their fifth album. “Dedicated” is a collection of some of the most important songs produced by the girls’ parents.

Carnie and Wendy’s father was the mastermind of the famous band Beach Boys, whereas Chynna’s parents belonged to the 60s folk-group The Mamas & The Papas.

Their parents were the first people who ever listened to the remakes on the album “Dedicated” because the girls wanted to see the former band members’ reaction. However, they stated that the album is not a copy of their parents’ singles because they have brought their own signature to the songs. The collection should be regarded as a tribute to their heritage.

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  1. There are a couple of facts that are completely wrong. She did not have cosmetic surgery a first or a second time. She had weight loss surgery to save her life. After having 2 children after the first surgery it makes it very difficult to keep the weight off. She was pre-diabetic and needed to do something desperately to keep from developing diabetes.(Not to look good before their show). These facts are well documented.

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