Willie Nelson Cancels Concert, Goes To The Hospital

Over the weekend, 79-year-old country music legend Willie Nelson was expected to perform at a private home in Colorado. But due to health issues, Willie Nelson had to cancel the concert and had to be taken to the hospital.

Sunday night, Willie Nelson had a concert scheduled for a fundraiser in the Denver area, Colorado. He was there to raise financial support for an animal care and shelter provider, the Dumb Friends League. The Castle Pines Village, Colorado fundraiser had to be canceled after Willie Nelson had trouble breathing. The 79-year-old country music legend had to be taken to the hospital.

Willie Nelson’s reps couldn’t be reached for a comment Sunday night. But the Associated Press writes that the fundraiser’s host Fred Bartlit explained in a statement for The Denver Post he received news Willie Nelson had trouble breathing before the concert.

“I was told Willie woke up and had trouble breathing, so he was taken to the hospital” said Fred Bartlit, the fundraiser host.

Chris Gallegos, spokesman for the animal care and shelter provider The Dumb Friends League, only confirmed Willie Nelson canceled the concert, but refused to say why.

9NEWS in Colorado reports that fundraisers told the crowd the country music star was “suffering from breathing problems due to the high altitude and emphysema”. One of the organizers added Willie Nelson received hospitalization over his health problems.

This Tuesday, Willie Nelson is scheduled to perform at the House of Blues in Dallas. But given his recent health issue, the 79-year-old country music icon might be advised by his doctors to stay put at rest for a while.

However, Willie Nelson might have a different take on that. He recently told Scott Gordon with NBC 5, retirement isn’t a likely option. In fact, chances are he might never actually retire. “I still enjoy coming out and playing music and as long as the people enjoy it and come see us, I see no reason to quit” said Willie Nelson.

Earlier this summer, Willie Nelson & Family, Band of Horses, Jamey Johnson and John Reilly & Friends were announced to be part of the Railroad Revival Tour. The shows start October 20th at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth.

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