Will your iPad drive your car in the future?

If you’re thinking to upgrade your car in the future, you can give up to turbo charging, fuel injection,  power steering or other tuning elements – the newest breakthrough that will make your ride the way you want it is an iPad. Not only the car owners, but the manufacturers too, try to tune the cars in a more technological way. So the right devices for doing this seems to be the iPad.
    If you take a look on the dashboards of our nowadays cars, all you can see are several gizmos such as satellite navigation, DVD players or MP3 interfaces. And it’s not finished yet, also there are the traditional odometers and lots of other buttons. Do you like it? Have you ever considered to turn all these into one single useful device?
    This year’s Geneva Motor Show saw several new vehicles that already give this idea a chance and integrated the iPad into their dashboards. Examples Volkswagen’s classic campervan update, the electric-powered Bulli microbus, and the Pixel microcar produced by Indian manufacturer Tata made a beautiful view for watchers or maybe potential buyers. Actually it’s kind of a trend to have an iPad installed on your dashboard, an attempt to fit Internet-connected computers into vehicles.
    You wonder, if this is such a brilliant and great idea why isn’t this already happening? Well having an iPad right in front of you when you’re supposed to drive and be careful, raised questions about the drivers safety.

Also, as rising fuel prices hike the cost of motoring, will such technology be jettisoned to save cash?

Gary Wallace from ATX Group – a leading developer of in-car telematics (devices that send and receive information) brings up the good news by saying the devices ensure safety and efficiency: “People want entertainment options and they want to be able to take what they’re getting on other devices, whether its their laptop or iPad or iPod or smart phone, into the car,” Wallace said. “And that certainly is a powerful driver for the market.”
    Among the things you could do if you will have an iPad in your car is that emergency services would be immediately alerted if you’re involved in an accident. That’s besides other cool things like voice command for anything you want. Soon your car could drive you anywhere you want, just say the word. And install an iPad.

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